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2 years ago

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I was working as a secretary at a large company and my boss was a very nice man, all the girls wanted in the office myself included. I was his personal secretary, which I liked a lot. My office was next to him, gigporno and I'm sure I had seen him wistfully. However, he said nothing. One hot summer day, when things began to happen will happen, I thought it would never happen. It all started when my boss Mr. Harman called me into his office and asked me a letter that seemed to impose to normal, so I sat like Mr. Harman began to dictate to me. He tapped his pen on the desk, it was quiet, had a pen, bent down to pick it up. I'm sure he wanted to see my skirt. I asked him if his pen, sat down quickly, I said yes. and ran right under the table. I replied that all you need me or anyone else to do, Mr. Harman, just looked at me and smiled and told me something I lomo do for me. First I would like to lock the door for me, not wanting to be disturbed. It was not long until everyone goes home. But now I want you on my desk and postcards without my pants for gigporno me, I looked a little surprised, but gigporno did as he was, as I loved him, he said. I'm under the table and opened his pants, stuck his hand under gigporno the table and pulled out his erect gigporno penis I looked at his big boner. And you just put in my mouth first lick the tip of the tail. At first, as my mouth covered his cock started sucking me, I heard him groan. So I sucked it a little more difficult to throbbing cock I could feel gigporno as if my tongue was released on his cock. I was Mr. Harman cramp. Then his cock exploded cum hard in my mouth swallowed it all I have from under the desk. Licking my gigporno lips, has enjoyed that Mr. Harman ? He nodded and said call me Bob. You are a very sexy woman Miss Smith. I wish you could be back at the endthis evening. I did some extra work for you. He said that if Mr. Harman, and gigporno closed the door to his office and returned to work I have worked hard all afternoon, it was too early for the day and everyone went home. I'm still working at my desk when Bob got everything out of his office and came across my desk and I was cleaning some files that had separated from him in order to save. Turn left and Bob was a note on my desk I was told to go to his office immediately. So I went to his office and knocked on the door. He said they come in so I went in he sat at his desk, I was completely naked. Looking at his well-toned body, stood up and told me to come see him I realized that I was put in this very moment. He began to unbutton her blouse, put my breasts in his hands and said : Do you want me to do this, so I stammered Mr. Harman, that is, Bob. He noted one of gigporno his hands on my side to the top of my skIRT and the UN zipper ! My skirt fell down. She slipped her hand in my panties from my pussy. It felt like I was already wet and rubbing my clit, turn me over I complained a bit. Bob began to suck my nipples, already hard. I grabbed his tail and gigporno began to masturbate. Bob wanted to tell me to sit on the table with her legs spread as it did me cum like I had before running, as he said and sat on the desk. I took my underwear Bob knelt on the floor, his head between my legs and started sucking my clit I moaned with pleasure as he did. Then I felt his tongue in and leave out gigporno of my wet pussy and then suck my clit. I felt I wanted to cum again when I started to lick her tongue licked the juice Bob, just a few minutes. Then he got mmm it tastes gigporno so sweet said u liked it, I said yes to a great extent. Bob me off the table and turned me so I was in front of the reception that I could feel his cock pressd against, as he leaned on the table I could feel his cock as it moved to my very wet pussy tease me with the head of his cock. Then, wi
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